Sunday, January 29, 2017

First time grower using yield machine max 300 w grow box.

First time grower using yield machine max 300 from Unique Hydroponics.

From seed to almost out of veg stage, this is a first time medical grower. One nutrient feed a week .  Messing to much will only hurt your plant. Just weekly feed and keep water clean as this user has.
Follow germination and sprouting to a t in our brochure, this will be within first week.
Two weeks later and one feeding , a nice plant will begin to develop.  Remember, feeding your plant more to enhance "growth" is not how you grow a plant.  Light weekly feedings.

Growth will really start to kick in, keep same schedule and don't mess with it, small leaves toward bottom will die off, this is not a cause of concern.  This occurs from healthy tips of plant taking in most nutrient they need.

Unique Hydroponics