Friday, November 9, 2018

Yield machine max 3 weeks in.

Here is a medical grower about 3 weeks and 4 days into his first grow, using the Yield Macjine max grow box.  
Some people worry of heat in this grow box, there is no heat issue, this cabinet is totally stock.  Growing extremely nice, only changing water and adding nutrients once a week, that is all you should be doing!  Thermometer placed under grow light will read upwards of 20 degrees hotter from UV and infrared LEDs. Check out some progress below.



  1. how can i reduce temp in the box. the light has only been on for 3 hours and its reading 93

  2. I just let mine go and everything turned out great

  3. Tape a shoe box over one of your central AC vents on ceilimg. Use that. (Ac>6 inch venting>booster fan> more ducting> feed into bottom intake air hole. My tent was TOO COLD AT TIMES w this method. But mostly a perfect 79-92° humidity being in soflo worked in my favor . PS no more expensive smart pots .Get a few reusable walmart shopping bags. My personal experience ..they work jus as good as a smart pot or ECO. etc. Handles too. U want thqt 6" booster to pull centrally cooled air into tent/box it worked GREAT ..although if ur not in like the deep south ..this prolly wont be a issue less u in deep southbor ur lights are really hot ..good luck